How this happened…

I stumbled upon Ben Robbin’s blog, where he details what a West Marches style campaign is, in early August. I was quickly infatuated with the concept and decided nearly immediately that I wanted to run a campaign like this using the 4th Edition D&D ruleset.

I’d been struggling with running plot-driven campaigns with 4th Edition because of the “dungeon crawl” nature of its design. So, when I discovered this West Marches style, I quickly realized it to be the perfect way to expand my DM horizon by attempting a new style of campaign and simultaneously play 4th Edition like it was meant to be played with little to no house rules.

I read the West Marches blog entries more times than I can count, just trying to get a good grasp on what the project would entail. And, finally I’ve decided to give it a go.

This blog will be a place to discuss my design methods and also the results of what happens when the players interact with the game.



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