Treasure – Revisited

So, after getting some advice from Ben and Frost, I’ve decided that magic items should be rare (and hence not sold in the town), but because of the Enchant Magic Item ritual, players will generally have access to them.

That leaves PCs with two options for getting items: get the Ritual Caster feat and Enchant Magic Item ritual (or find another adventurer who has it) and make their own items, or, find what they can and trade/sell/barter for items other adventurers have.

Again, this is one of the more troubling aspects of designing this campaign for me.

In addition, items found out in the wilderness will generally be on the more powerful end of the spectrum and have a direct tie to the history of the world, giving clues to what else might be out there. I’m going to insert a few Paragon Tier items in the world for high level areas that are truly remarkable (remember, PCs can only make their level or lower items, so a 10th Level PC can’t make Level 11 items) and possibly an artifact or two.


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