Oh No! A Magic Item

Two sessions ago I broke a cardinal rule of mine, and I placed in the treasure a … magic item.

This created a stunning situation in a five-player party; they simply couldn’t handle it. They went nuts trying to figure out who should get it, how they person should repay the others, what about magic items that have no clear benefit for one person, what about a magic item that clearly does but that person has no way to repay the others… It created a slew of problems.

I realized then that keeping magic items out of the equation is a very good decision I made early. Instead, giving them incredibly valuable treasure piece worth X level magic item they can split evenly seems to be the best solution.

Am I going to get rid of magic items out there totally? No. No I am not. I’ve decided to add some more flair to the world, in trying to give my world some more history. Each region I’ve decided is going to have one powerful relic, artifact. This is going to more of a plot point, a reason for the party to go exploring a certain location than anything else. But, as far as magic items go, that’s about it. I’ll still throw consumables out there, but Magic Sword +1 ain’t gonna make the cut.

So, be forewarned 4th Edition West Marches DMs – with a varying group of members with very different play styles in their own home campaigns about dividing magic items, be careful what you give out.


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